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All About “Bobbers” (Indicators)

Bobbers? Yes, that’s what a normal person would call an “indicator.” Indicator is the fancy term fly anglers use to discuss the appliance that floats on top of the water… yeah… bobber. Unlike for bait fishing, fly angling has many different types. Here’s the rundown.

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Tenkara Tips

A cane pole? Hardly! If you fish small mountain streams, stuffing a Tenkara rod into your backpack instantly levels the playing field and puts the new fly guy on equal footing with the most experienced fly angler.

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Pick the Right Fly Fishing Reel

Considering the rod, line, and reel, the reel is the least important part of your fly-fishing outfit. Right? A good rod provides power to punch out a well-executed cast facilitated by a smooth, supple matched line. All the reel does is hold the line. Not so fast!

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Rod Basics – Action vs Power vs Price

It’s okay to rely on a trusted friend for your first rod when unenlightened or uncertain about commitment but get educated before purchasing the second. The variables to consider are action, length, construction (material, hardware, and weight) and price – customized to the target fish.

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