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DIY Weedless Hooks – How to Make a Weedless Hook using EVA Craft Foam

Nothing like a DIY weedless hook to keep the frustration level down when fishing. In this video, I’m making DIY weedless fishing hooks and jigheads. I show how to make a weedless hook using 2mm thick EVA foam. The same DIY weedless approach can be used for how to make a weedless jighead as well as a normal weedless hook. Make a bunch of weedless fishing hooks at home, throw them in your tackle box and they will be ready the next time you need one.

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Kayak Maintenance – Pre-Season Kayak Care for Spring!

Get off on the right foot with some kayak care and maintenance. A big part about how to care for your kayak is to not ignore the few basic kayak maintenance tasks to get ready for an awesome season of fish catching! Central is using some kayak cleaner 303 as your kayak cleaner and protectant after your kayak sat all winter!

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The Fluorocarbon Leader Rip Off

When looking at fishing leader vs line, you are liable to get ripped off. Fishing leader line is a critical part of your fishing line setup, and fishing leaders can cost a fortune for a small length unless you look at this fishing hack. Vanish fluorocarbon fishing leader is about the same as Vanish fluorocarbon line.

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Easy Way to Thread Tippet on Small Flies

Most anglers tie flies onto tippet by repeatedly stabbing the tippet directly at the tiny opening in the eye of the hook. There is a more natural way that eliminates frustration, is faster and does not require magnification.

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Hatch Chart 101

Typically, experts develop hatch charts through years of observation, and different people may see different things based on when they are on the stream; resulting in small differences.

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