Fishing Bike Build – For Beach or Trail

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With hard packed sand at low tide making it easy for a beach bike ride, I did a beach bike build to move quickly with my bike fishing rod carrier and accessories. I use a milk crate on a bike fishing rack with saddlebags for my bike fishing bag.

Federal law requires renaming of all Confederate military bases

The Big Idea - Your Action Needed!

Recognize The Contribution Of The Military Spouse and the Military Family

Support the legacy of one of the most admired women in military life by renaming Fort Benning to Fort Moore. 

The Military Base Commission is considering renaming Fort Benning (Georgia) to Fort Moore in recognition of LTG Hal and spouse Julie Moore.

Julie Moore established the unique tradition – carried on to this day – of care teams visiting and supporting the spouses of those lost in combat. Between Hal Moore’s distinguished service in battle and Julie Moore’s leadership on behalf of military families, this command team represents the bond that enables an effective fighting force.

This is a valuable opportunity to recognize the contribution and sacrifice of the military spouse and military family in service to the nation. You know Hal and Julie from the original book and 2002 Mel Gibson/Madeleine Stowe movie, “We Were Soldiers.”

Now that the commission is reviewing the proposal, we need to prove it has broad support.  Please click and sign the petition in favor of “Fort Moore.” Share with your friends!

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