Upper Sacramento (CA – Ney Springs)

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I was going through some photos and discovered a few from an old trip to California. The Upper Sacramento River is a fantastic fishery that extends for miles and miles along I-5 north of the town of Redding. It is extensively covered in tourist documentation as well as maps provided by The Fly Shop in writing. You know those guys – you’ve probably received a bunch of catalogs from that.

On this particular trip, I checked in and got the advice to try the spot at Ney Springs. It’s a long haul up I-5 from Redding to get there, but the directions were good and, after bumping down a rough dirt road, I rolled into the parking lot approximately a quarter mile away from the river.

It was a short downhill walk to see the beautiful vista spread in front of me. Classic trout water!

I threw on a nymph and began fishing the pool below the rapid. The river was running strong on this particular morning and I had to be careful as I waded along the shoreline. I eventually was closed out by the high bank on the right and the water was running too fast to risk a crossing.

This trip was before I was smart enough to buy a satellite beacon to use in case I got into trouble. Therefore, I did not want to take any chances since nobody would find me here for days. The river downstream from where I turned around was intriguing. It runs through a short flat section and then pitches down and escarpment to began running towards the main highway.

Bottom line: As I sit here chilly in the cold winter, I’m California dreamin’

Spillway from the dam upriver

The downstream view into the turn

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