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BassCanoe - Crisis!


I was all set to pursue snakeheads at Pohick Bay Regional Park.  The Basswife was not with me, so I was by myself  and planning on paddling from the middle seat. I loaded up the canoe, paid the four dollar fee to launch and pushed off. As soon as I sat in the middle seat, it collapsed! The other two seats are doing just fine, so this came as a total surprise.

The only explanation I can think of is that I tie a rope around the middle seat and winch it tight  when I load the canoe on top of the truck. I guess the extra tension that placed on the plastic holding the seat was finally too much.. You can see the red strap I use to connect the rope to the seat in the picture. I called the manufacturer and I can get a new seat for 80 bucks. I'll have to decide whether that's worth it given the age of the canoe and the constant scraping on the bottom that is making it fairly thin and vulnerable to opening up a hole fairly soon.

Lesson learned – don't stress a plastic seat. 

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