Trout/Bass – Piney Run Reservoir (MD)

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Articles on this site are out of date since some go back to 2006. Regulations and property ownership may have changed since publication. It is your responsibility to know and obey all regulations and not trespass on private property.

Piney Run Reservoir is a spectacular, man-made lake that is the anchor and main attraction of the surrounding 550 acre Piney Run Park. According to the experts, Piney Run is one of the best fisheries in the State with citation-size bass, perch, channel catfish and crappie. In addition, there are tiger muskies, stocked in 1996, as well as good numbers of striped bass. The fact that different organizations hold regular fishing tournaments on the lake is a tribute to its quality.

This is a lake for boaters and there are enough of them to keep the dual boat ramps at the end of Martz Road busy during the peak season (electric motors only – the concession stand rents boats).  The shoreline is tight, heavily wooded and terminates on private property along the northern stretches. In late summer and fall, vegetation packs large portions of the bank, creating an obstacle limiting casting. Fishing is not permitted within the boundaries of the wildlife management area at the north end of the lake or within the Nature Center Education Cove.

Anglers who want to fish from the bank may exploit several of the hiking trails along the shoreline. Specifically, the Field Trail leads north from the boat launch to the northern boundary of the park while the Lake and Inlet trails lead south. If you take the Inlet trail, do not fish until the trail leads away from The Nature Center Cove.

The fees to use the park are substantial if you are not a resident of Carroll County. In 2011, the entry fee was $10 per vehicle for nonresidents versus five dollars for residents. It costs an additional eight dollars to launch a boat.

Getting There: From I-70, take exit 76 for MD 97 north toward Westminster. Turn right on West Obrecht Road. Turn left on White Rock Road. Turn right on Martz Road and follow it to the end.

Access Point: Parking area near concession area (39.397623,-76.987878)

 Secrets Revealed? No. This is a very public location that is documented in  Maryland DNR stocking plan.

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Excellent boat launch  

Nice playground for the kids

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