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Review - Shark Tooth Spool Management System

Last season I discovered the "Shark Tooth Spool Management System" from Loon Outdoors.  The system is an elastic band with a cutter attached that allows you to strip out tippet and then slice it off without having to grab a nipper, or, even worse, bite it.

It comes in several sizes with the red (large) and blue (small) being of interest to fly anglers. 

Most tippet spools use the small (blue) size.  I did not know there was a difference - thinking that one size fits all - and originally bought the red.  It only fits the Cortland sized tippet spools.  Since I had a couple of those, I wrapped the tippet from other manufacturers onto these spools to use the system. 

I found it to be very handy and much easier to use than a nipper.  Instead of having to hold spool, line and nipper, you only need to grab the spool and the line.

Cabela's has them - others do as well - just search on "shark tooth" spool

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