Piscifun Viper X vs Piscifun Flame – Episode 2 of 5 on the Piscifun line of Spinnning Reels


The Piscifun Viper X is the spinning reel priced $17 more than the entry level Piscifun Flame in the Piscifun line of spinning reels. I assess the differences between the two reels to check the additional value. I take a look at it and do tests on the drag, line spooling, and see how the design supports long distance casting. This is the second episode in a playlist that looks at the entire line of Piscifun spinning reels. The prices mentioned reflect the time of recording and may change. 

Please check the official website for the latest pricing.

Non-affliate links to the Piscifun spinning reels: (I do NOT make a commission!)

Use discount code KH15 for 15% off

Piscifun Carbon X: https://bit.ly/43O9fZ9

Piscifun Carbon X II: https://bit.ly/3KGK2ag

Piscifun Viper X: https://bit.ly/41zFtp2

Piscifun Captain: https://bit.ly/43MwG52

Piscifun Flame: https://bit.ly/3KOVJfp

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