Hack to Measure Fish – Stay Legal!


What’s the fastest way to measure the length of the fish?

Admit it, as anglers we obsess about how big fish are; not only the inherently larger ones that get away but also those we push closer to the camera to make them appear huge. Knowing the length is important for bragging rights and stay legal when catching stocked fish intended for dinner. 

What nobody wants to do is fumble around with the fish out of the water, flopping on the rocks, eroding its protective slime while pulling out a measuring tape. The quick and easy way to measure fish is to use the rod as the device. Get some duct tape, cut off a narrow strip and wrap it around the shaft at the critical measurements. Depending on the body of water, there may be different minimums, and a band of tape can indicate each. For those who fish where a slot is in effect, a band at the bottom and one at the top will keep you legal.

Check out the video at the bottom of the page for more details.

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