eBikes for Seniors – How To Choose The Right Electric Bike Style – Episode 1 using Magicycle ebikes


The first decision to make about ebikes for seniors is to choose the right electric bike style. There are two styles. I compare the e bike step through vs step over? What other design and style factors go into the decision on the right electric bike for seniors? I show two good offerings from Magicycle – the Magicycle Deer and the Magicyle Cruiser to provide advice. #magicycle

I DO NOT make a commission from Magicycle!

Magicycle: https://www.magicyclebike.com/ Magicycle discount codes Use code KF3 for the Magicycle Deer and get $300 off transactions over $2,500.

For other Magicycle models: KHF1( $100 off over $1,580 and KHF2 ($200 off over $2,400)

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