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Bass - Small Pond / Caton Hill Road
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

There really isn't much to say about this small pond that holds the runoff water next to Caton Hill road. The only reason I am including it is to tip my hat to a fellow fishermen – Gary Brisbois - who I don't know, but whose buddies respected him enough to dedicate this small body of water in his memory.

What a fitting tribute to somebody who had to be a hard-core angler!

In terms of the pond itself, obviously I could not visit it without throwing a lure in. With the brush along the shoreline, it's very difficult to use fly gear, so I threw a few spinners in to see if anything was moving. I didn't catch a fish, but there has to be something here.

You can visit this spot if you head down to Potomac Mills – it's right off Caton Hill road.

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View across the lake

Hat's off to you Gary - your buddies remembered.

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