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Reading Trout Water (Part 1)

Recall the old saying, “10% of the water holds 90% of the fish.” Finding the magic 10% is made easier through understanding the basic structure of a stream.

What’s in Your Fly Vest?

With almost three million websites selling hundreds of different brands of fly fishing accessories, it’s not surprising new fly fishers may be a bit confused; as if buying the rod, reel and fly line weren’t bad enough! Let’s cut to the chase – here’s what you really need… and what you don’t.

Stocked Trout Strategies

Stockers have been driving fisheries professionals insane for years with their central questions being the same as ours, “What happened to all the fish? Were they caught? Did they die? Did they leave?” Understanding the answers is crucial to their mission to provide a good angling experience that, in turn, stimulates license sales supporting hatchery programs.

Wade Fishing the Rapidan River

Sadly, I had to take this book off the market. Private property owners shut down access to the Rapidan at the end of Richards Ferry Road. Tragic! It only required allowing folks to cross around 30 yards in a remote corner they owned to get to the public property. Since fishing the Confluence was the …

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Jackson River

CAUTION – Unresolved Kings Grant Issues! It seems like every landowner on the Jackson below the dam is arguing for a claim of ownership. Until this is all sorted out, I strongly recommend you avoid that section of the river. Fish in Hidden Valley only.

Lake Needwood

The Montgomery County Park system undertook major renovations in 2011 that included dredging the lake to increase the depth and improve boating, fishing and water quality. The concession area rents boats and the park system allows anglers to launch private boats from the concrete ramp with a permit. Electric motors only. The hilly, 1,800 acre Rock …

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Trout Hike – Upper Rapidan (VA – Gate to Camp Hoover)

Park in one of the two turnouts and walk down the steep path past a nice campsite and begin fishing upstream. If you walk up the road, you’ll need to bushwhack your way over to the river before it enters a steep “canyon” that would make access more of an exercise in climbing than fishing.

Trout Hike – Piney Run (MD)

The great thing about fishing Piney Run is that you actually have three choices. You can fish the long stocked stretch of Piney that parallels Marriottsville Road Number 2 or, take a hop skip and a jump down the road and fish up or downstream on the Patapsco from the large parking area at the …

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