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New Fly Guy - Lessons with Lefty
Thursday, January 4, 2007

I've been doing some reading in a few books and will do a book review on them later.  You can only get so much from the text and static pictures, so I was thrilled when my friend, Dick, offered to loan me his videotape of "Lessons with Lefty".

Even I have heard of Lefty - a truely notable fly fishing expert and was tickled to pop the tape into the VCR.  The first thing that jumped out was that this tape was really directed at folks who teach other folks to fly fish.  It is all about how to communicate with students and how to effectively share and demonstrate the finer points of fly fishing.  Hmmm.  Maybe this is not the tape I should be looking at.

Since it was already in the VCR, I leaned back and watched.  I'm about halfway through it and have found it to be a priceless tool in getting me ready to hit the stream.  I already know the big points of casting as a result of a little practice and my reading.  What Lefty adds is the fine points that I should pay attention to before I develop bad habits.  Here are some of the key points I have learned so far:

  • Put your thumb, not your finger on top of the rod
  • Watch your hand - if you twist it, the line will go in the direction of the twist
  • Use bright colored line to be able to see what you are doing
  • Grip loosely, do not choke the handle.  Tighten your grip at the top of the backcast and the end of the forecast
  • Point the thumb at your target
  • The direction of the tip when it stops is where the line will go
  • If you are casting right handed, put your left foot slightly in front  

A lot of good info.  I'll keep watching and summarize the key points.  Here's the link to the DVD on Amazon.  They also have still have the VHS version


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