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New Fly Guy - Announcement
Thursday, December 21, 2006

I mentioned before that I am committed to learn to fly fish this coming season.  On Christmas, I will break open a starter fly fishing kit that the Basswife will give me (she is great at taking hints) and the voyage will begin. 

I'll start a new section of the blog that will chronicle this journey as I am sure other spinfishermen out there have had the same thought - what's it like over there on the dark side? 

  • Will touching a fly rod make me more of a fishing fanatic than I currently am? 
  • Will it make me have the urge to swap my ballcap for a fedora? 
  • Will I have to learn what a hatch is?
  • Will I have to sell my first born son to afford to play the game?
  • Will I have to sell my truck and buy a hybrid vehicle?
  • Will I lose my taste for Bud Light and switch to an exotic export?
  • Or... my mother's favorite concern - will I put my eye out? 

Aagh... so many issues.  From the looks of the scruffy guys holding trout on the various forums, I do not think a hybrid or a switch away from Bud is in the future.

We'll have to see if this change shakes me to the core of my character.  But, I'm willing to be the guinea pig - already have the pig part down pretty good.  Bear with me and I'll certainly need your support and help as I recover from 54 years of spin fishery.

There's plenty of ground to cover - just picking your way thru all the complex equipment, learning a knot or two, the difference between a nymph and a streamer, what the hell a tippet is... all of these mysteries will be decoded over the next several months.

So - stay tuned and come back to check on my progress.

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