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New Fly Guy - Easy Droppers

As I rapidly approach 60 years old, I have to put pride aside and admit my eyeballs are not as precise as they used to be. The immediate problem this presents for fly fishing is the ability to thread a barely visible tippet through the invisible hole that exists on teeny tiny size 20 and 22 flies.

In an earlier post, I discussed pre-rigging fly dropper combinations at home, putting them in small plastic bags for use on the stream. While that idea is good, it occurred to me that there was a better way to store the pre-rigged combos. I routinely use a cut up swimming tube to hold two hook combos I use with spin gear on the canoe for bass. Why not apply the same approach for a fly dropper combo?

The advantage is that the line on the combo is less likely to become tangled if it is wrapped around a small section of foam tubing. The tubing provides easy storage and secure hookup in a compact footprint. I know there are fly boxes for pre-rigged dropper combinations, but they take up way too much space.

I recommend you try it. Get a foam swimming tube, cut off a small section and use it to hold your pre-rigged droppers. By pre-rigging, I can use the magnifying light at my workbench and easily thread 6 or 7X tippet into miniscule hook openings. A quick wrap around the tube, pop the foam into my vest, and I am ready to go.

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Cut out a small section

Wrap and go!

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