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Ultimate Bass Canoe - Seating
Friday, April 7, 2006

I don't know about anyone else, but a canoe is not a very comfortable place to spend an afternoon.  The seat is strangely shaped - kind of pitches you back - and then there is no back support.

For years we use flexible stadium type seats -they were the floppy kind that you could adjust tight and then lean back into.  The problem was that while they were better than nothing, it was almost the same as nothing.  After an afternoon of fishing, you would be happy to get out of the boat.

At the Bass Pro spring sale (I really went hog wild at that thing), I found these stiff, firm seats that strap onto the existing canoe seat.  it's like putting a real chair in the boat!  What a difference!  You can lean back into these things and they support your back, making it easy to move around without having to constantly balance yourself.  They are pricey, but worth it.  These guys cost about 30 bucks each - money well spent!

You can also order a Canoe Seat from Amazon by clicking the link.

Here's another style Canoe Seat (another option)

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