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Ultimate Bass Canoe - A need for SPEED!
Thursday, November 23, 2006

The good thing about having a trolling motor on the Bass Canoe is that it it provides an inexpensive way to move "quickly" on the small bass lakes I enjoy.  The bad thing is that if the lake is anything bigger than small, it takes forever to get from point to point.

When I was wandering around, totally unsupervised by the Basswife in Bass Pro a few months ago, I noticed a propeller - Weedless Wedge - that was significantly larger than the stock propeller that came on my Trolling Motor.  The instant All American conclusion - anything bigger has to be better.  I assumed that the greater surface area of the propeller would grab and push more water, moving the canoe forward faster.

So, I bought the thing and started to use it.  I never have had a problem with weeds, so the "weedless" feature was not important to me.  I wanted speed!

Using my GPS, I clocked the top speed on the Weedless Wedge with a fresh battery to be about 3.1 miles per hour.  I performed the same test with the stock propeller and was surprised when it clocked in at 3.4 miles per hour!  Geez.  The one right out of the box was better!

I take the same stuff with me in the BassCanoe whenever I go fishing, so I do not believe there is significant variation that can be attributed to the load being pushed.

The stock prop is on the left, the Weedless Wedge is on the right.

Bottom Line: Unless you need the weedless feature, stick with the stock prop - it will move you a blazing 0.3 MPH faster!

The Weedless Wedge is easy to install on the motor. All you do is unscrew the nut, pop the old prop off and replace it with the wedge

Close up of the stock prop.  Basic, small and powerful. 

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