Bass/Trout – Blair Valley Lake (MD)

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Fed by the Conococheague Creek, the DNR constructed the 32 acre Blairs Valley Lake to provide habitat for waterfowl between 1967 and 1968, making an additional investment to complete needed repair work in 1997. In the process of making the repairs, most of the lake was drained with only five acres of water remaining. Since then, the DNR invested in the fishery, causing it to rebound and become a worthwhile destination.

Even though the lake is 18 feet deep near the dam, the DNR reports most fish can be found above 8 feet because of the excessive growth of phytoplankton depleting oxygen farther down. Despite that, in addition to stocked trout, the lake’s vibrant warm water fishery includes bass, muskie and crappie, making it a popular spot mere feet from the border with Pennsylvania.

The DNR permits boats with electric motors to use the free boat launch. Most of the shoreline is accessible except in the northern reaches where the lake merges into a marshland. As a result of the positioning of the lake inside the Indian Springs Wildlife Management Area, visitors can also take advantage of several trails leading to good birding locations. The area is also a popular hunting destination, so anglers should exercise caution and wear blaze orange during hunting season.

Blairs Valley Lake is the 24th most heavily stocked location in the State.

Getting There: From I-70, take exit 18 to merge onto MD 68W/Clear Spring Road. Turn left onto US 40W. Turn right onto Broadfording Road. Turn left onto Blairs Valley Road. Veer right to stay on Blairs Valley Road when the road forks. The left fork is Hanging Rock Road – do not take that fork.

Blairs Valley Road runs up the east side of the lake.

Access Point:

·         Parking area below the dam (39.695839,-77.941144)

·         Boat launch parking (39.697424,-77.940951)

·         Northern marsh parking (39.701795,-77.941062)

Secrets Revealed? No. This is a very public location that is documented in the Maryland DNR stocking report

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