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West Virginia Goes Digital

This year, West Virginia released an online mapping application that shows you exactly where the stocked sections are.  This is pretty important since West Virginia does not mark the stocked trout water with signs like Maryland and Virginia do.  When I did my recon of Trout Run and Waites Run, I was a little confused.  I used the WV Trout Map to get to the general location, but then was looking for a sign to indicate the start of legal fishing. 

Turns out, you will not find those - you have to know what is stocked and what is not.  That makes this new application priceless.  The WV Trout Map only shows a limited amount of detail - enough to get you to the body of water - but not enough to really answer your question on what is legal.  The mapping application does that.

In fact, you should print the results and take them with you.  However, there still may be private property mixed in with the stocked water, so be alert for "Posted" signs.

This is the overview page.  Select how you want to search on the right.

You can search by County, City or Body of Water and type of fishing.  Since I am going to write about Waites Run next week, I selected it.

Once you enter your search criteria, the application shows you a satellite map (not a topo map) with the stocked area marked.  In addition, the right hand panel shows the stocking schedule.

You can zoom in and zoom out for more detail.  The buttons do not work as you would expect.  For example, to zoom in, you click on the Zoom In button... nothing happens.  What you have done is turn on the zoom in function.  If you go click on the map now, it will refresh at the next level of increased resolution.

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