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Don't Lock Me Out!

Ever worry about losing your truck keys in the middle of the woods or watch them wash downstream when you take that header into the North Branch?  I do.

I do not like the magnetic key holders - they fall off when you go off road onto some of the tough dirt tracks leading to places like Wallman in the North Branch.  I don't like leaving the key on a tire - I might forget it.  All of this is compounded by the fact that many modern vehicle keys have a chip embedded in them to unlock the anti-theft system - causing them to cost over $100 for a spare. 

I finally found the solution to this problem - a combination-activated key storage unit:

Master Lock 5401D Select Access Wall-Mounted Key Storage Box with Set-Your-Own Combination Lock

It was easy to mount.  I drilled 4 holes in the truck bed where it joins with the cab.  There is a gap there of about 2 inches that allows the screws to penetrate the rear of the truck bed but not touch the cab.  Since it is in the space between the bed and the cab, it does not impact anything with the appearance of the vehicle.  I have been using my truck for so long for fishing that I don't worry about scratches any more.

I attached it with some large, self tapping screws after drilling a small starter hole.  Now, I don't have to worry about being stranded miles from civilization. If you buy other models, be sure they are large enough to fit a vehicle key!

I found a corner in the front of the truck

You need to be careful that you get one that will fit a modern truck key.  As you can see, this model is perfect.

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