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Switchfisher Rating System

Now that I have been writing about the various places to fish in the area, I realize that I need some kind of a quick view that summarizes my assessment of the water.

The table to the right has the rating categories I am going to start with.  I may add or delete from this list as I gain experience using this as a rating framework.

Note that some of the ratings may be counterintuitive.  I'm using this to rate streams the based on what I look for. 

For example, I think it is a GREEN situation if you have to read a map to find the stream and it's GREEN if it is physically demanding to get to. 

Pressure Trout Size
Physical Fitness Bass Size
Access Regulations
Hard to Find Stocking
Scenery Overall

Both of these situations reduce pressure and provide a more remote fishing experience - which is what I am looking for. So... please read these definitions carefully if you use them to select water.

I will summarize these based on multiple visits on the region level page as the rating may change with multiple visits.



Did not see anyone else


Saw a few other people, but never felt pressured


 Felt crowded

 Physical Fitness

(Disclaimer: Physical Fitness ratings are based on my impression of what it takes to get to the fishing area and enjoy it.  You are the best judge of your own fitness and should not attempt anything beyond your capability)


Suitable for somebody who is in good shape


Suitable for somebody who exercises often and is in reasonable shape


Normal level of fitness required



No trail, you are in the river wading; no boat ramp - you have to drag your boat to the water.


Some trail, but not consistent - comes and goes.  Boat ramp suitable for light boats only


Easy access.  Well marked trail follows the stream.

If this is a lake, the boat ramps can take a normal sized bass boat

 Hard to find


Requires that you read a map


Involves traveling on a dirt road for a portion; you need to pay attention or you may take the wrong turn


Easy to get there.  Mapquest will pretty much get you to the right spot; hardball road all the way


Green Classic trout water of rushing stream with rocks, no houses; for bass, nice wooded lake
Yellow Trout - Flatter water, but still remote; bass water has houses overlooking the lake or river
Red  Boring, populated

 Trout Size


Trout - 12" or larger

Yellow Trout - 8 to 12"

Trout - smaller than 8"

 Bass Size

Green Bass - 15"
Yellow Bass - 12"
Red Bass - smaller than 12"


Green Catch and Release or a slot for bass
Yellow Delayed Harvest or other restriction (no barb, etc)
Red Put and Take


Green Stocked
Yellow N/A - not used
Red Not Stocked


Green I would come back anytime
Yellow Would go if I don't have anywhere better to go
Red Will not come back 

Unless stated otherwise, this article was authored by Steve Moore

Disclaimer and Warning:  The contents of this site reflect the opinion of the author and you, the reader, must exercise care in the use and interpretation of this information.  Fishing is a dangerous sport.  You can slip and fall on rocks and sustain severe injury.  You can drown.  You can get hooks caught in your skin, face, eyes or other sensitive places.  All sorts of bad things can happen to you when to go into the woods to visit the places documented here.  Forests, streams and lakes are wild areas and any number of bad things can happen.  You must make your own judgment in terms of acceptable behavior and risk and not rely on anything posted here.  I disclaim all liability and responsibility for any actions you take as a result of reading the articles on this site.  If you do not agree with this, you should not read anything posted on this site.

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