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Predictive Gages from the National Weather Service

If you ever found yourself wondering whether the water would be fishable in the coming weekend, you need to visit the National Weather Service website then drill down into the section that discusses water levels.

For example, the Potomac Section covers the river from Paw Paw down through the District.  As you can see from the graph below, the website shows you the current level and the prediction for a couple of days into the future. You can also click on the tabs arrayed across the top to obtain additional data regarding the probability of the water level being above a certain point in a time period of interest.

This is a great tool as you try and make plans and negotiate with your spouse for a day on the water. If you know it's going to be blown out and bad, you can negotiate to fail and gain a "point" or "credit" for use the following weekend. "But I did xyz chore last week instead of going fishing ...." in your best whiny, pathetic, hurt voice...

Who knows? Maybe she will take pity on you out of guilt... Sometimes this works :-) 
[yes... I am lucky the Basswife never touches a computer..]

The NWS service does not update these in real time - but most have a prediction at some point.

Here is the Tristate Master.

Here are some key gages - all of these are on my Key River Gages page (bookmark that one):

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