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Need Smallies?  Join PRSC

It's the middle of summer. Your fishing itch is pounding. You know the smallies are hitting anything.... 

Holy Mackerel!!  June is almost over!!!  Let's get moving!!

So... what's keeping you off the water?  Lack of a shuttle?  Lack of "intel" on the current conditions?  Inertia?

Overcome all of these issues by joining the Potomac River Smallmouth Club!  Founded in 1988 with over 150 members, the club brings together fishing fanatics from the Washington DC area in an effort to provide mutual support for fishing expeditions as far away as the New River, speakers targeted at improving knowledge of where and how to fish, as well as a forum to trade information with just the right mix of stretched facts and reality. Members are a mix of spin and fly anglers with no club preference towards either technique - and none of them are shy about chatting about their shared smallmouth passion/addiction.

The club normally meets at the Vienna Firestation at 7:30 PM on the last Wednesday of the month. 

The club promotes catch and release angling for smallmouth bass, supports conservation organizations and agencies, publishes a monthly newsletter, presents monthly programs with guest speakers, and organizes frequent river trips for members. While it is principally focused on smallmouth bass fishing in the Potomac River watershed, it also sponsors trips to other destinations such the Shenandoah, James, New, Cacapon and Susquehanna.

All this for the inexpensive annual membership fee of $35!  I joined the club last year and have gotten something out of every meeting - this is a good deal.  To join, just show up.  You can download the membership form at this link and bring it with you to the meeting - click here

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 Boat night provides the opportunity to chat about the pros and cons of various bass fishing machines
... and chomp a hot dog at the same time!

PRSC members and speakers can put you on some good fish!

Visit the hot spots on the Upper Potomac from Old Mill Ledge near Harpers Ferry...

... to the weed beds of the Rappahannock!

Monster smallies are not a myth!  With the PRSC "catch and release" ethic, all fish caught are still in the river waiting for you.

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