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The West Virginia Trout Map
Friday, January 30, 2009

Ok.  I bit and bought. 

First of all, by now everyone must understand that there are no secret places if it is public water.  Maybe you have a secret wild trout stream in a national forest or tucked away on private land, but everything else is out there in the public domain.  Just look at the large number of books - like the Flyfisher's Guide to Virginia (which includes West Virginia).  Every one of these has pretty good instructions on where to go and what to use.

Even the forums like WVAngler.com have links with directions that will take you to all of the public water in West Virginia (look in the left panel on the WVAngler site). 

The good news on this is that by showing where everything is, pressure is spread.  I know that I fished on average 2 times a week in 2007/8 between April and September and rarely went to the same place - usually, I went to a new spot. 

The WV Trout map is another step in that direction.  The advantage of this map is that you are oriented by geography on where the water is and what kind of regulations apply.  It uses different colors for catch and release, put-and-take and fly fishing only.  Since these jump out at you, you can assess the distance and length of the drive which is a great advantage when you are planning a trip.

The map also has a text description that describes the borders of the stocked area so you know how long the public stretch is.

The map has a nice matrix that lists all of the WV state parks and the facilities they offer - like number of acres, how many cabins, boat launch, etc.

The website where you puchase the map has an up to date listing of the stocking schedule for West Virginia.

I'm adding the snail mail/phone method of obtaining one... just in case:  You can obtain maps by one of the following methods; by sending a check or money order (make them payable to WV Trout Map) to WV Trout Map, PO Box 2356, Buckhannon, WV 26201, or if you live in the Buckhannon area call 472-3499.

I think this is a nice tool to use to plan a trip and recommend it.

To get your Trout Map, click here. Note - paypal will require you to log in before you confirm the purchase transaction.  Log in and you should land on a page that shows the purchase.

If the paypal link does not work, send an email to wvtroutmap@verizon.net,

Disclosure: Switchfisher does NOT get a commision on the sales of the map.

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