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Rant - Pick up the Trash!

I've got to vent about trash.  I expect to see some on the major streams as they flow down from built-up areas.  This would typically consist of plastic bottles and some paper stuff.  But when you go to a nice place like Laurel Run on the North Branch and see the garbage shown in these pictures, it breaks your heart.

I know that the people who left the trash on the bank will never read this - so this is falling onto the eyeballs of the the good guys. 

I encourage everyone to do what I do now.  When I go out, I take a Wal-Mart type plastic bag with me.  I attach it to a D ring on my pack and fill it with trash on the way back to the truck.  That way, some of the trash gets picked up, but it does not get in the way while fishing.

In terms of Laurel Run, I spent 30 minutes cleaning it up.  Got all that is shown here and more out of the woods.

The only thing we should leave behind is a footprint 

I don't get it.  Full cans are heavy.  Empty cans are light - pack it out.

There's another picture I did not post where they tried to burn the trash.  Guess what - cans don't melt.  And the diaper did not burn either.

Nice.  He flattened the can and left it.  As if that would make it biodegrade.

I flattened all the cans and put them in a trash bag I had.  Filled it up.

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