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Poison Ivy - A Hard Lesson Learned

In an earlier post, I discussed the new technology out there that will help you defeat poison ivy and oak.  This last summer, I used the block and cleanse elements pretty well.  I guess it worked because the only time I did not use it, I got nailed.

I was fishing on the Gunpowder and did not put on the Ivy Block for some reason.  "No big deal", I thought.  Before Ivy Block, I would rinse off in the cold water in the stream and then towel dry.  On this particular day, I was running late and had forgotten to bring a towel with me.

So, I just wiped down with my T-Shirt; same one I had been wearing all day. In the process, spread a bunch of poison ivy oil all over the place - face, arms, legs.  Geez. I must have rubbed up against every vine in Maryland when you consider the result.  Pretty dang dumb for a guy who knows how allergic he is.  Sure enough, about 3 days later, I exploded in a deep poison ivy rash.

Never again!  I now carry the Ivy Block in my pack along with a number of the Ivy Cleanse towelettes to ensure that I have them when I need them.  I have not had any problem since this dumb stunt - and that includes trips to various sections of the North Branch which is just full of poison ivy near the railbeds as a result of the additional sun that the rail cut provides.

Bottom line: Watch where you step, use this stuff if you are allergic.

I have been able to find Ivy Block at CVS, but the only place I found the Cleanse product has been on Amazon.  You can also get the Cleanse and Ivy Block as part of a kit called IvyComplete at CVS.

One instant of stupidity produced several weeks of nasty rashes.


Here is what this stuff looks like with the links to the towelettes and the block.  Look in CVS first.

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