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Other - Dazzling Pictures from MikesCatchReport.com

Every once in a while you run across the perfect picture that expresses the joy of fishing in general and fly fishing in particular.  With permission from mikescatchreport (another local VA/MD blogger), I just had to share these shots.

Mike is a passionate angler who manages to find time to fish places I can only dream about.  The pictures below were taken on his trip to hit the Salmon River for steelhead near Pulaski, NY.  I encourage everyone to read his trip report on that event as well as his other postings.

What a great set of pictures! 

Mike - thanks for letting me share them!

To me this is perfect - fishing with a friend in the early morning as the sun hits the water.  Cold steam boiling up with the violent temperature change from night to day.  Wide river, perfect water, gorgeous leaf color and high blue skies.

What more could you ask for! Look at that color!

No caption needed on this.  WOW!

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