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Other - Buzz Off Clothing

I hate bugs.  The worst thing about being on the stream is having to deal with them.

I also hate insect repellant. Mostly because once I put on the sunscreen and the poison ivy block, I am reluctant to add another toxic chemical to the mix.

Two years ago, I was browsing around and ran across an ad for "buzz off" clothing.  This stuff really works.  I initially bought just the hat and a Tshirt for myself and the Basswife.  I found that I rarely had to put insect repellant around my face and that I only needed to use a little bit on my arms.

This year, I got a pair or buzz off trousers on ebay, a wide brim hat and one of the long sleeve shirts.  I have not had to wear any insect repellant yet!

Bottom line is that if you can do the trade off of cost vs comfort and come out on the side of comfort, this stuff (you need to shop around), it is great.  It's comfortable as well.

Here are some links to amazon so you can see what it runs.  They do have sales.  At the time of posting the shirt at the left below is really discounted.

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