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4x4 and Fishing

The lure of open spaces, the challenge of getting there, a good set of bumps and the excitment of going off road; what could be better? 

The challenge is that you don't know where you can legally take that 4x4 you invested in fixing up, so you content yourself with just driving to the standard parking areas near the standard streams and assume that's about as good as it gets.  Here's a solution from 4x4icon that you can order for $45.

How would you like to have access to 3.4 GB of information on offroading in the MD, VA, and WV areas that include write ups of over 140 trips that includes detailed maps and descriptions of trail conditions with 63 new reports added since 2003?  To make sure you do not get lost, there are 53 sets of GPS data provided in GPX file format supported by most commercial GPS systems.  And it just goes on and on.  Click here to see what the DVD includes and follow the links on selected trips at the bottom of the page to see what 4x4icon includes.

For those of us who like to get away from the crowd, this is our ticket.  Not all these trips will take you to water.  You need to pop open each and see if the trip intersects a blue line.  In the example I extracted here, this is an offroad trip into the Cheat River Canyon.  In addition to ending on the big water, the map shows a number of interesting blue lines you might want to investigate.

To narrow the field to those with the most potential, you may want to apply the analysis process I described in this post.  Once you sort through the trips, you can use the discussion and the pictures 4x4icon provides to understand what is in front of you.  If it is going to be a rough ride, I recommend that you go with another vehicle and, of course, obey all the normal guidelines for safe offroading.

Detailed route map

3D view

Get your DVD

Bumping along the Cheat, interesting small water

You may want to visit the 4x4icon website and browse around there as well to get a feel for the content.

This link takes you to the trip reports part of the 4x4icon website:


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