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Off Topic - Medal of Honor

Sorry for the off topic posting, but this was a great day in my life.  Today the man whose courage allowed my father and 400 of his troopers to live was finally rewarded with the Medal of Honor.

The time was 1965 in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in a small football field sized landing zone called "Xray".  My father, then Lt Colonel Hal Moore, led his understrength battalion (Custer's old unit - the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry) on a mission to find and kill the enemy.  And find them they did as 2,000 hardened North Vietnamese and Viet Cong soldiers swarmed the landing zone in a fight to the death.  For more info on that, go to Lzxray.com

Major Bruce Crandall volunteered to fly water and ammo and evacuate the wounded in and out of one of the most intense hot LZs of the war - making over 22 flights using three different helicopters to ensure that the thin supply line was not cut off and the embattled troopers did not experience a replay of the Little Big Horn. 

Today, his courage was recognized with the presentation of our nation's highest award - the Medal of Honor - a well deserved and long overdue recognition.

For more info on Bruce Crandall, visit the offiicial US Army website.

Ceremony Details

President Bush congratulates Bruce Crandall

To really appreciate the significance of his accomplishments, you should look at the 2002 Mel Gibson Movie - "We Were Soldiers".  Greg Kinear plays Bruce Crandall in the movie.

My brothers, sisters and I will be eternally grateful for his courage - it allowed us to grow up with a great father.  And selfishly, have him around for fantastic fishing trips like this one to the Black Canyon!

Reading the citation

President Bush gave a great talk - well spiced with humor as well as delivering a clear message of the exceptional bravery of a great soldier

Hal Moore and Bruce Crandall share the joy of the moment.

Beyond all of the above - it was really, really cool to go to the White House and see the President from the distance of 1 foot.  Amazing experience

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