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Get USGS Topo Maps Free

Earlier this year, I provided a link that would allow you to view high quality maps online. I've gone one better than that with this latest discovery.

It turns out that on the same site where USGS sells their high-quality topographic maps, they also allow you to download them as a PDF file for free. Granted, these PDFs are huge and if you were to try and print them, they would require a piece of paper 21.75 x 27 inches.  That's certainly will not fit in the printer on my desk!

But, the easy workaround is to open the map using the Adobe reader and then crop the section that you need. If you don't have a screen grabber program like "snag-it" that will allow you to print directly from the screen grabber, you could always cut and paste the crop into a Word or PowerPoint document and then print It from there. That way, you have the exact portion of the map sheet that you're actually going to use. For free!

Check it out by going to this link and following the instructions there.

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