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The Bass Fishing Matrix

If you're not too impoverished after the holiday season, you may want to invest $30 in the bass fishing matrix. I have been using this tool off and on for the last several years and I wished I had paid more attention to it. In fact, as I cleaned out my gear last weekend, I made sure I put my copy of this in my tackle box so I would not forget to refer to it when determining what to use.

The theory behind this tool is simple. The guys at Bass Research have done all the hard work in terms of looking at various combinations of variables like barometer, water depth sunlight, temperature and others to produce a matrix that contains the optimum recommended lure for any combination of conditions.

The table below comes from their website and shows you the variety of variables and how simple the solution is. By having them do all the hard work, all you need to do is observe the lakeside situation, look up the results and then hope you have the right solution in your tackle box.

Well worth the price.

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