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Amazing Eternal Light Source

When I joined the Outdoor Writers Association, one of the things they alleged was that we would periodically receive free stuff that we could test out and use. After being a member for over a year, one of those free e-mails finally appeared in my inbox. I did not think twice about taking advantage of it.

It was for a unique pack light that requires no batteries, bulbs or electricity. It never requires activation beyond exposing it to sunlight or shining and LED flashlight on it. As you can see from the picture it is a flat mat of what looks like tiny bits of packing popcorn that never grew to full size. After replying to the e-mail, my sample showed up about a week later.

The information that came with it said that the "product is best used in total darkness when our eyes are fully adjusted to the dark." It goes on to say that to charge it, "Leave it in the sunlight for a few minutes, use your LED flashlight to charge it in seconds, hold it in front of your car's headlights, it will recharge with any light. Once charged it will glow all night long and even for days!"

Of course, the literature goes on to claim that the product is amazing.

After trying it out, I am a believer and have to agree. The medium-sized sample they sent me was as light as feather and would be perfect to stuff in a backpack to use as a survival or tent light. This thing is not a flashlight that throws out a beam, rather it provides a soft, green universal glow that illuminates the surrounding area. It takes a couple minutes for your eyes to adjust to total darkness and it is then that the device is most effective. When I tested it, I could read small print (12 point font) with no trouble at al if I held the book close l. The best application is in a tent or other place where the glow may be enhanced as it reflects from surrounding surfaces.The website, www.uvpaqlite.com gives a bunch of other suggested uses ranging from trail markers to dog walking. If you are a caver, NEVER go underground without it!

I love this thing! Totally waterproof, I'm going to buy a few more in larger sizes to stick in my emergency kit and use in the house for when the power goes out. After being stuck for days without power in a hurricane, you quickly discover batteries go dead fairly soon, but this thing never will! Perfect! Highly recommended.

Check out the video on Youtube.

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