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Kent's Stealth Bomber

At the Richmond Fishing Expo, a reader slid up and dropped me a hint, "Check out Kent's Stealth Bomber."  He then went on to expand on why with tales of massive fish hauled in with this interesting fly.

A Google search on "Kent's Stealth Bomber" pops up 233 hits - how to tie it, how to use it and plenty of comments on how good it is.  A search on the more generic "stealth bomber fly fishing" unloads 75,600 results.

Comments like, "Kent's Stealth Bomber is becoming one of the greatest warmwater flies of all time" really got my interest.

This thing is emerging from the south and, as a result of this article, should explode upon the Virginia/Maryland scene.  Those smallies huddled in the Potomac, Rapidan and Rappahannock don't have a clue about what we are going to unleash this coming season.

The fly was invented by Kent Edmonds at Fly-Fishing West Georgia and is also called a gurgler, popper, and plopper.  The secret is in the loop tied to the back of the head that pulls bubbles into the water as the angler strips the line to make it dive.  The bubble and associated pressure wave draws fish to the fly and BAM!  Got 'em.

My conclusion... Get 'em.  You can get them from Rainy's Flies or Solitude Flies (they call it "Covert Mission").

Check out Kent's website for more pictures and details.

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