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Get a Fishing Bike for Rapid Movement

Last year, I was "educated" on the advantage of a fishing bike when I visited the Cranberry River in West Virginia. On that trip, I ended up riding a used girl's bike that I bought at a thrift store (and donated back when I was done). But, it was such a clear advantage to use a bike to move quickly away from the parking lot that I resolved to get a real bike for use in the coming season.

After working through options on Craigslist for a couple weeks, I found a used mountain bike that was the right price and snapped it up. Based on talking to some of the guys on the Cranberry River, I knew that all I had to do was mount a section of PVC type to the frame and I would be ready to go.

This ended up being very simple:

  • Buy a section of 2 inch pipe and a cap (1.5 inch will work depending on the size of your rod)
  • Cut to fit your bike and your rod
  • Drill a couple holes to use for cable ties, rope or wire
  • Attach it to the frame

And that's it! For a fly rod, you do not need to make any other cuts. On the Cranberry, I saw guys with spin rods and they had cut a slot in the tube that allowed them to slide their rod with a reel attached into the tube an the appropriate distance. Once you have the tube on your bike, you are ready to go!

Off the top of my head, here are a few places that I intend to use my new contraption:

  • The Upper Potomac on the C&O Canal (Point of Rocks, Lander, Brunswick, Monocacy… see my book)
  • The Rappahannock to move from the Friends of Rappahannock parking lot up 3 miles on the trail that runs on the south side of the river
  • Coles Reservoir
  • Mill Creek Reservoir
  • Patapsco River leveraging the nice beaten trail at the edge of the railroad tracks
  • The Patapsco River at Avalon on the running trail all the way up to Daniels
  • The Gunpowder River in numerous locations where the bike path follows the river
  • Whitetop Laurel
  • South Fork of the Holston above Buller dam
  • Shenandoah as a bike shuttle for the canoe between several of the access points

Any place there is a path, this will work just fine.  I have been told that there is a good bike path along the Greenbrier river in West Virginia and I would also like to check that out.

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Assemble the PVC and drill some holes

Attach to the frame - I used cable ties because they are easy to remove and strong

Attached it in three places

Rod fits just fine!  You could put a basket on the back for your junk - I just wear a day pack.


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