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Equipment - Bite Lite Lure
Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm probably not alone - I actually read some of the outrageous ads for new lures that you see in the back of magazines.  For some reason, I was compelled to bite on the "bite lite".

All the gory detail is on their website. Here's the hook - the bite lite lure contains a red LED that blinks a bazillion times a second and simulates the look of a bleeding bait fish.  It also has a ball bearing inside it that makes a rattle and keeps it level. Ok.  I had to try.  I had never caught a bass on a crankbait before - not in 40+ years of fishing.

So, I tried the topwater version a few weeks ago and the water exploded around it - as goofy as it looks - but I was so stunned that I missed the fish.  I had only thrown it out at the end of the day so did not continue to use it.

On a recent trip to Smith Lake, I tried the traditional crankbait on the way back into the dock and I'll be danged if I didn't catch the little bass shown in this picture.

Could it be that this really works?  Next time I go out I'm going to try it again.  I just watched a 5 buck DVD from WalMart on crankbait fishing and am an "expert" now.  We'll see :-)

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