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Review: Dahlberg Diver Frog

These things are actually pretty cool.  Rather than describe them myself, check out the screenshot from the seller - River2SeaUSA (clilck here).  I bought one... pricey at 12 bucks and it performed as described.  I could twitch next to the shore and then crank it underwater... let it rise, crank again.

Sadly, no happy ending.  The bass were not cooperating on Smith Lake when I tried it out.  But they should work.  I was disappointed that the smaller version was not ready... at 2", I think it will be more realistic. The current model is 2.5 inches and just feels too big.  I am anxious to get the Basswife back on the water to give it another go on a better day.  I'll provide an update.

Even though the shopping cart will let you add the little guy, they are not available - you get an error when you try to check out.

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