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The Alabama Rig

Fly anglers have known about fishing multiple lures for years as a hopper/dropper combo.  Now, the rest of the world has caught up with the "Alabama Rig."

If you fish in Maryland, stop reading... it is illegal up there.  No problems so far in Virginia.

The basic concept is that the rig mimics a school of baitfish.  At the Richmond fishing expo, they had two different kinds - one with three prongs for three baits and another with five prongs.  Given that I use lighter tackle, I'm going to try the three-pronger first and just stick some inexpensive powerbait 3 inch or 4 inch grubs on it.  Until I see how it works, I definitely do not want to risk multiple crankbaits!  It would be really rough to lose 5 cranks on one cast!

This discussion over on the bassresource forum has pictures and commentary.

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Here are pictures of the different versions I picked up at the Expo:

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