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Guidebook: Maryland Trout Fishing

 The most detailed guide on trout fishing
ever published for Maryland

  • 551 Pictures
  • 902 GPS Coordinates

To catch fish, you need to know where to fish

Maryland provides a startling array of trout fishing opportunities, ranging from some surprising locations on the Eastern Shore all the way to the wild and roiling rivers of Garrett County in the western mountains. This book covers 100% of the stocked trout water in Maryland along with the better known wild trout streams. 

For each, Steve provides a description, directions and an itemized list of access points. Knowing anglers judge water by "how it looks," he includes 551 pictures - at least one for each location - to allow you to make an informed judgment before burning the gas to visit any particular spot.

Given the availability of GPS technology on devices ranging from cell phones to car navigation systems, Steve includes 902 GPS coordinates to describe the stream boundaries as well as every known access point. Plug these into your navigation system for custom directions or into the Google™ satellite view for a bird's-eye perspective of the water and the surrounding terrain

Beyond fishing, the book includes a chapter on "Blue Lining" with a methodological approach to finding your own wild streams as a well as an extensive discussion of stocked trout behavior distilled from many scientific studies.  Understanding the movement dynamics of freshly stocked fish allows you to position yourself to maximize your catch!

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Kindle version also available from Amazon

 The coverage of trout fishing is absolutely comprehensive.  Steve covers every stocked location listed in the 2011 Maryland stocking plan plus many other locations that were stocked in the past just in case they are added back into the mix. 

You have probably heard of the well know wild destinations such as Crabtree, Middle Fork and Beetree ....
The book includes them and a number of others!


Full coverage of all the great places to fish for trout in Maryland!

From the low gradient eastern and central streams to the wild water of Garrett County....
this book gets you there!

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Finally, access points may be different or restricted based on changes in property ownership since posting the original article.  It is up to you to make sure you are fishing where it is legal.

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