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Bass - Biery Branch Reservoir (VA)
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a smooth, easy road to get up to the reservoir. Unfortunately, there is no direct lakeside access. There's a wide turnoff at the dam where you can park. Once parked, you need to walk down the steep hill to get to the shoreline. Like at Hone Quarry Lake, Biery is open on three sides with the fourth side being created by a steep hillside that limits access. This lake is stocked as a put and take location during the season. It also has bass and, of course, sunfish. It's small enough to fish in an hour or two.

If you want to check out the stream in search of brook trout recognize that there are actually two input streams that feed the lake. The northernmost one is accessible from the road while, to get to the other, you need to walk over to the head of the lake. Since I was low on motivation, all I did was drive down to the crossing of Mines Run, the northern stream, to check it out. It was totally dry and uninteresting. The actual Biery Branch stream may have water, but I can't confirm that.

Bottom Line: Another good put and take location during stocking season, but beyond that it's only a place to fish on the shore for largemouth bass. There may or may not be brook trout and the main feeder stream. That is something to look at on a return trip.

Getting There: From Harrisonburg, head west on US 33.  Turn left on SR 613 followed by a right on SR 713.  Turn right on SR 257 and follow it to the lake.

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Secrets Revealed?  No.  This is a very public location that is documented in the following places:

Virginia VDGIF
Flyfisher's Guide to Virginia 

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Date Fished: 9/14/2010

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