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Bass - Clopper Lake (MD)
Monday, November 29, 2010

After work one day, I wandered over to Clopper Lake to check it out. Beyond the description from the fisheries website below, my impression was generally favorable. The lake is fully contained within Seneca Creek State Park – where there is a stocked trout stream. A daily use fee is required and you can actually rent boats between Memorial and Labor Day. You may bring your own boat to launch if you like.

I fished a little bit of the shoreline and caught a couple bass and some sunfish. Looking at the wide expanse of picnic areas and associated parkland, I concluded that this would be a good place to bring the family for a nice summer picnic.

Beyond that, I think the fisheries folks captured the details well on their website:

"Clopper Lake is owned by the Forest and Park Service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

History - Clopper Lake is a 90-acre impoundment on Long Draught Branch within Seneca Creek State Park. The dam was built in 1975 for recreation and flood control.

Physical/ Habitat Description - Clopper Lake averages 18 feet in depth with several shallow coves. The Lake has abundant submerged aquatic vegetation dominated by spiny naiad that can become quite dense during the summer and early fall months. Tree downfalls and beaver huts provide habitat in some areas of the Lake for crappie, sunfish, carp and largemouth bass.

Fish Species - Clopper Lake contains an over-abundance of largemouth bass, however; many nice bass (>12 inches) are available to anglers. Tiger muskie fingerlings, a hybrid cross of northern pike and muskellunge, have been stocked into Clopper Lake. Although fisheries surveys have not yet turned up a tiger muskie, reports from anglers of catching tiger muskies have suggested there was some success with tiger muskie survival in Clopper Lake. Channel catfish have been stocked into Clopper Lake with some large "cats" prowling for prey. Quality size redear sunfish as well as bluegill and pumpkinseed sunfish are also available for the creel. Black crappie round out the list of popular fish species available to anglers. Other species found in Clopper Lake are brown bullheads and common carp."

Getting There: from I-270N, take exit 10 for MD-117 (W.Diamond Ave) toward MD-124 S/Quince Orchard Rd.  turn right at MD-117 W (W. Diamond Ave).  Turn left to enter the park and follow signs to the parking area.

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Pressure Trout Size
Physical Fitness Bass Size
Access Regulations
Hard to Find Stocking
Scenery Overall

Remember to refer to my rating explanations - these are based on what I look for - so RED for Physical Fitness translates to easy physically - you do not need to be in shape to fish this section.  I prefer terrain that is tough to get into and out of.


Bottom Line: Good family spot

Secrets Revealed?  No.  This is a very public location that is documented on the  Maryland DNR website

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Path to the shore

Shoreline facing east

Looking across to the southern shore

Shoreline facing west


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